/ in the showrooms: valentine's day for gift & home /

Traditional & creative Valentine's Day gift & decor finds abound in the CMC's Gift & Home showrooms, home of the West Coast's most impressive array of Holiday & Seasonal products. Find these, in addition to hundreds of other Gift, Home & Lifestyle lines at LA Gift & Home Market, September 28-30, running in conjunction with the LA Mart for your convenience.

Product Guide:
1. Handmade pottery by Brownish Button and vintage Valentine's designs by Bethany Lowe Designs | Zizi Showroom, C1200

2. Swarovski-jeweled heart-shaped trinket box & keychains | Artistique 5 Design, Suite C1261
3. Contemporary Valentine's Day decor & dinnerware by tag | CMA, C1300
4. Romantic pink & red vase by Franz Collection | Bridgeport Gallery, C1211
5. Red and pink lotus blossom tealight holders by World Buyers, C1201
6. Modern, heart-shaped purses & wallets by Deb & Dave Handbags | By Debbie Showroom, Suite A1098, 213.623.2135
7. Home & Body Co's pink & black boudoir soaps & loations; Tin Box Co's conversation candy hearts trinket box; Squire Boone Village heart-shaped lollipops; Adorable Barcino pink-red mosaic winged pig "cupid"; White American Jewel hair bands with heart-shaped ruby jewels | Rosalie & Friends Inc, C1298
8. Painted heart "dress" jewelry holder by Creative Co-Op | CMA, C1300
9. Pink alabaster vases & florals at Melrose Intl | Zizi Showroom, C1200


/ new line alert: karma living /

Plush throw pillows, bright embroidered totes, and sugar skull coin purses. Karma Living is the newest line to make its way into Zizi Showroom. Our favorite Day of the Dead inspired accessories can be found in the brightest neons with colorful accents and neutral tans with floral designs. This line is a must-see during the next LA Gift & Home Market, September 28-30th!

* * *

For more contact the line's exclusive West Coast Rep at Zizi Showroom | Suite C1251 | 213.623.2602



"Fashionable, functional, and flattering." The creative alternative to the outdated fanny pack is a new accessory called hipS-sister. A simple piece of fabric with pockets that comes in a variety of colors and prints is perfect to hold your personal items. Even the editors of The Oprah Magazine are raving about the newest accessory! 

For more information contact Kristine Cleary Lifestyles | Suite A398 | 213.622.3733

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See the line during LA Fashion Market Oct 12-15


/ springtime at fall market /

CMC Gift & Home Showrooms are renowned for the West Coast's most prominent selection of Holiday & Seasonal resources. This Fall Market, you can expect a beautiful array of pastel-hued designs celebrating Springtime, in addition to hundreds of other Gift, Home & Lifestyle lines at LA Gift & Home Market, September 28-30, running in conjunction with the LA Mart for your convenience.

Product Guide:
1. Honey Bunny baby bunny blanket; Nutcracker Designs metal butterflies & yellow butterfly votive holder; Squire Boone Village floral lollipops & rock candy; Home Essentials & Beyond pink-speckled child's tea set | Rosalie & Friends Inc, C1298
2. Antique cottage rose birdcage by World Buyers, C1201
3. Nutcracker Designs teal chrysanthemum vases | Rosalie & Friends Inc, C1298
4. Spring wildflower wreath at Melrose Intl | Zizi Showroom, C1200
5. Bright, modernized rustic bird houses by RAZ Imports | CMA, C1300
6. Van Gogh irises porcelain vase by Franz Collection | Bridgeport Gallery, C1211
7. Antique Queen Hare by Katherine's Collection | Zizi Showroom, C1200
8. Felted wool bunnies by One Hundred 80 Degrees | CMA, C1300
9. Soft bunny cap & carrot rattle by Bunnies by the BayCMA, C1300
10. Papier-mache rabbits by Bethany Lowe Designs | Zizi Showroom, C1200
11. Vintage-inspired printed pillow by Bethany Lowe Designs | Zizi Showroom, C1200


/ in the showrooms: all things tropical /

From the garment racks to gifts & home decor, tropical motifs continue to inspire the design world, as seen above throughout our Gift & Home Showrooms.  Shop this design trend and more during the Fall LA Gift & Home Market, Sep 28-30 at the CMC, conveniently coinciding with the LA Mart for a one-stop Market trip. 

Product Guide:
1. Nutcracker Designs home decor | Rosalie & Friends Inc, C1298
2. Swarovski-encrusted parrot by Artistique 5 Design, C1261
3 & 4. Pineapple & koi fish glass ornaments by Joy To the World Collectibles, B1265
5. Pearlized diningware by Pearl Dragon Collections | Bridgeport Gallery, C1211
6. Watercolor vases & chargers by Dale Tiffany Art Glass | Bridgeport Gallery, C1211
7. Faux lotus by World Buyers, C1201
8 & 9. Metal frogs & faux succulents at Melrose IntlZizi Showroom, C1200
10. Tropical porcelain vases by Franz Collection | Bridgeport Gallery, C1211
11. Antique jungle-themed stationery from Ars Antigua Stationery | Drexler Collection, C1285
12. Bronze & patina calla lily vases & bowls SPI Home | CMA, C1300
13. Tropical pillows at  Nutcracker Designs | Rosalie & Friends Inc, C1298
14. Koi & lotus watercolor art print at Maxwell Dickson Art, C919

/ hot line alert: bling it on by haute stuff! jewelry tattoos /


Not your mere temporary tattoo -- these are metallic jewelry tattoos inspired by mehndi henna body art. The creative possibilities are endless.  Ideal for those of us who love to pile on the jewelry & who love tattoos (without the commitment). They're non-toxic and last for 7 days.  The brand is Bling It On by Haute Stuff! and it's available at:

Scoop Showroom, Suite A603  |  heidi@scoopshowroom.com / 213.674.6365


LA Fashion Market | Save the Date!
Oct 12-15

Mark your calendars! The Spring 2015 LA Fashion Market takes place October 12-15. Shop our showrooms & LA Kids Market beginning Sunday and SELECT Tradeshow and TRANSIT LA Shoe Show Monday-Wednesday.